Adding my voice to the chorus of people saying that Mastodon is really promising, but account portability is going to be a seriously limiting factor. I’ve seen the creator analogize it to email, but with email you don’t have to worry about porting a built-up network from address to address.

One idea that occurs to me: what if there was some kind of public key identity token you could move around and your network would follow? Basically something that says “This is where this identity lives now.”

Whether it’s Mastodon or something else though, I fully believe that the time for “Twitter as Protocol” has officially arrived.

Ian McKellar @ian

@buzz Mastodon is just one implementation of ActivityPub. We're getting there bit by bit.

OTOH, the decline of RSS makes me worry about the long term viability of protocols in the current climate.

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@ian Oh man OK now I’m gonna research this.

@buzz @ian In terms of capabilities, the zot protocol that Hubzilla uses is pretty advanced and far ahead of its time. It's basically decentralized access control lists and replicated objects across every node you sign into. It's a shame that basically no one understands or implements it.

ActivityPub, on the other hand, is much less detailed, and only concerns the publishing aspect. It just defines inboxes and outboxes of Activity objects, kinda like email/SMTP.