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The ancient Greek word for "bear" was άρκτος.

The Arctic is named after the animal; it's the place where bears are.

Naturally, when you find a place at the opposite side of the globe from the Arctic and where there are no bears, it's the anti-Arctic - in other words, Antarctica.

So the Arctic is Bears Place, and Antarctica is Not Bears Place.

@robey I'm never buying a another laptop without a touch screen. It would be like buying a laptop without an esc key.

@robey the Thinkpads I buy every couple of years are a lot better than the MacBooks I end up with from work.

@ben this works fine on Android. iOS seems to be a couple of years behind Android for internet stuff these days :-(

@nolan @sil I've been using and enjoying the Mastodon PWA. It's good enough that it discourages me from building an alternative ActivityPub implementation. I will have to give Pinafore a try.

@jesper @thomasknoll
My own personal instance is basically that.

@buzz it was harder than it should be but not actually that bad. I wish there was a simpler option for self-hosted single user or small user installs.

@dthompson technological autonomy isn't about not hosting on rented hardware, it's about users having control and choice. An ActivityPub implementation that you could unzip on your web host that back-ended to Firebase or whatever would give some people autonomy that the Mastodon impementation doesn't. One size doesn't fit all.

@hergertme@mastodon.social congratulations on your most recent orbit!

@nex3 get a high profile job in media and wait for the trolls?

@buzz I think keybase.io was trying to be this. Ultimately the DNS is the best distributed identity system we have. We're really bad at applying it to personal identity rather than service identity though.

@buzz Mastodon is just one implementation of ActivityPub. We're getting there bit by bit.

OTOH, the decline of RSS makes me worry about the long term viability of protocols in the current climate.

@CoralineAda this is why I run my own instance. But it's a pain. We need an easy-to-self-host ActivityPub server.

@miki I'm a dasher user so I'm already used to stuff not really working right 😕

@miki the bridge.joinmastodon.org tool doesn't seem amazing.